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Savannah Santiago
Savannah is a senior , majoring in Human Services. She is Puerto Rican and originally from Brooklyn, New York. Savannah loves traveling the world when she can afford it, and has been to Rome, Aruba, Costa Rica and more. She paints in her free time and loves animals. Savannah has a dog named B.Q for Brooklyn & Queens. Savannah is currently working for College Steps at SVC and for the SVC library. Savannah hopes to work in a field where she can help people. Whether it be teaching, social work, or case management. Eventually she would like to pursue nursing again when the time is right.

Savannah Santiago, Community & Popular Culture Editor/Coordinator, Staff Writer, Copy Editor

Oct 08, 2017
*NEW!* HS-340 Hurricane Harvey Relief (Story)
Oct 08, 2017
*NEW!* Life after undergrad (Story)
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