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Andre Hodo
My name is Franklin Andre Hodo but I’ve always gone by my middle name, for obvious reasons. (Even my mother tried calling me Franklin when I was young but said it didn’t fit.) I’m named after my grandfather and my father, so I’m proud of both names; I just prefer the latter. I was born and raised in Silver Spring, MD and transferred to Southern Vermont as a Communications major last year. If you’ve seen me around campus, you can probably guess I play basketball. What you might not know is that I’d like to become a screenwriter. I’ve always been fascinated with TV shows, particularly dramas. The Office, is by far my favorite. The first show I fell in love with was Prison Break. Some of my other favorites include: Sons of Anarchy, Power, and Breaking Bad. People who knew me when I was younger would be surprised to find out that I’m interested in becoming a screenwriter because I’ve always hated writing. For me, that changed when I realized not everything needed to be written as though I’m a holdover from Elizabethan England. Now my writing is more a reflection of me and my personality.

Andre Hodo, Staff Writer

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