Netflix Bingeworthy – February Edition

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Netflix Bingeworthy – February Edition

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Recently I got rid of cable. I have to say, it was probably the most frugal decision I’ve made in my adult life. Sure, I’ll miss flipping through countless channels that I never watch but for some odd reason still have to pay for (not really). I’ve found other ways to watch the sports games and get my TV drama fix. I realized I spent most of my time watching Netflix or Hulu anyway. So in light of this, I’ve decided to come up with a binge-worthy list of shows to watch that doesn’t include those “re-run phenomenons” like The Office or Friends.



This show is a bit different from the normal drama romance. Typically, our protagonist is a handsome, well dressed and interesting character that might have a few minor flaws for us to discover throughout the course of the show. You is abouta man named Joe, who works at a bookstore and falls for Beck, a girl he decides is the love of his life. As things progress, Joe becomes her deadly stalker and will do anything to keep Beck by his side…literally anything.


Somewhere Between

Paula Patton stars in this series as Laura Price, a mother and wife who couldn’t ask for anything else in life. She has her husband, the city’s district attorney, and her playful yet witty 8 year old daughter. Her life comes to an expected pause when her daughter is kidnapped and murdered. Given the chance to relive the week before these events take place, Laura attempts to do any and everything possible to keep her daughter safe and avoid the untimely end that fate has set for her daughter.


The Punisher

This atypical series gives us a different spin on the Marvel superhero world. Frank Castle stars as our main character, but there a few things that set him apart from the other heros and  shows. Frank is motivated by anger and has set out to avenge his family that was murdered. He’s also an ex-marine, which means he’s highly trained in hand-to-hand combat and artillery. Frank also believes in killing his enemies which opposes the beliefs of most superheros. However, Frank’s most unique feature is the fact that he has no superpowers. He’s ALMOST human.


13 Reasons Why

While the show does focus on a group of high school students, it gives a “realistic” view at some of the things teenagers go through on a daily basis. The main plot is centered on a student, Hannah, who takes her own life and leaves behind a set of 13 tapes. Those tapes are distributed to the 13 people who have to deal with the guilt of her suicide. On the heels of the school is an ongoing investigation, so everyone must remain quiet about the content on the tapes.


Bojack Horseman

This animated comedy series is set in a world where humans and “humanized” animals live together. The show revolves around a horse named Bojack. Bojack is a washed up actor that starred in a hit series, but after his show goes off the air he loses control of his life and finds himself in the oddest predicaments. While the show is comedic, it does have a more serious side where it touches on real life issues that many people have to deal with.


The Haunting of Hill House

This dark show begins in a haunted house. A husband gathers his kids, packs their things and leaves his wife behind. Later on, his wife is found dead in what appears to be a suicide. The five children of the house grow up and all find different ways of coping with what happened there. One thing they all have in common is they don’t talk, trying to forget about it, until something brings them all back to the house everything started in.


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