10 Things That Can Make Your Thanksgiving Great

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10 Things That Can Make Your Thanksgiving Great

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  1. Getting to spend time with your family and friends: You don’t always get time to sit down and spend time with all the people you care about in one room.
  2. Eating all the food that comes along with the holiday: Some of my favorites are mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and turkey.
  3. Playing games and laughing with your family: One of my favorites to play with the family is Cards Against Humanity (WARNING! This game is not suitable for all family members).
  4. Choosing to give back on the holiday: One way is by delivering hot meals for people who get Meals on Wheels for Thanksgiving.
  5. Baking with your family the night before in preparation for the big holiday: This gives you time to bond with the people that you care about, all while making one of the best parts about Thanksgiving.
  6. Actually getting to eat all of the pies, cakes, and goodies: You can’t go wrong with choosing to have more desserts.
  7. Sharing with everyone what you are thankful for: This can go a long way and mean a lot to the people that care about you.
  8. Dressing up just to sit in the living room: Even though you don’t go very far or anywhere fancy, it’s nice to wear a nice outfit that you may not always get to wear.
  9. Setting up your Christmas tree: My favorite part at the end of the night is getting to light the room up with our beautiful Christmas tree with all the decorations.

10. BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING: This is the overall best thing about Thanksgiving. When the night is over and midnight strikes is when I hit the malls with my friends to get all the best deals.