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Poetry Contest Submission – Tim Carper

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Poetry Contest Submission – Tim Carper

James Donnellan

James Donnellan

James Donnellan

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“My Path” 

By Tim Carper


I then did look but I looked away down the path from whence I came

The path I trekked the path I took lead me past a babbling brook

I walked for miles all alone nothing with me not even my phone

I ventured so long I forgot about time it didn’t matter in my mind

I was searching; for what I did not know that damn wind how it did blow

The weather did not change with the season, it seemed to change without much reason

My adventure was different from most, but my story lacks reason to boast

The only thing that I fear is the thought of my ending drawing near

I see the path begin to disappear this is it my only fear

I stare into the distance and smile without shame

I then did look, and I couldn’t look away down the path from whence I came

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