The Looking Glass

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2018 Poetry Contest WINNING Submission!

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By Diego Uquillas


Sleek amber hair that manages to make velvet seem rustic and feeble

Eyes, a strain of celeste that are reminiscent of a clear sky

Hands, petite and gentle with the reassuring touch of a mother

A smile, a rich beam of light on this world, it’s hard to deny

You enthrall the masses with every chamber you enter

 Possessing the expertise to captivate a soul so abruptly

The inability to divide my sight from your face

Enchanted by every aspect of your essence

The divine feminine you are

Me and your grace

Unity is a goal

Unavailable for us today

And tomorrow

You and my grace

The transcendent man I am

Admiring every facet I offer to you

Telling me about your awe of my capabilities

“Oh Romeo”, you declare as my words gratify your heart

Pouches adorned by azure flowers holding valuables, a gift

A smile, somewhat aloof and goofy but charming in your eyes

A tongue, the ability to act sleight, quick to electrify your ears

Eyes, intense, an abundance of darkness to cloak a mystical world

Deep brown hair, a wavy ocean brimming with adventure perceived by youthful


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