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Top 10 Netflix Series For The Average College Girl

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  1. Gossip Girl- This is a show about the scandals of rich teens that happen during their time in high school. It is a must see if you like cliche drama shows that end in love.
  2. Gilmore Girls- This is a classic show that most girls have seen at some point in their life. It portrays a very close mom and daughter who come from a rich family, but choose a simpler, happy life.
  3. Scandal- This show is good for anyone who is interested in the scandals that happen behind the scenes in the United States Government, but it also has some steamy romances that every girls heart melts over.
  4. Atypical- This show depicts what it is like to be a teenage boy with Autism. It shows what his everyday life is like, and how his family works to support him.
  5. Friends- This series is one of the more popular ones. It is about a group of friends living in NYC, who go through many different love triangles, all while remaining best friends. If you want to laugh, this is a good one for you.
  6. Jane The Virgin- This show is VERY dramatic. It is about a Hispanic family who is very religious (for the most part anyways), that end up going through a very shocking event. That event then leads to tell the story of how this little family grew to be much bigger.
  7. Grey’s Anatomy- This show is one of my favorites because it portrays what goes down in the hospital, and in the on-call rooms. This show will make you cry, smile, and wish you were a surgeon all in one.  
  8. Switched at Birth- This show is about two very different families whose daughters are accidentally switched at birth. It shows how they try to come together as one family, even though it is very challenging for them.
  9. Grace and Frankie- This show will make you laugh harder than any other. It shows how two sworn enemies become best friends after their husbands leave them, and marry each other. It wasn’t so easy for them to get used to dealing with each other, but it was very comedic for all of us to watch.
  10. 13 Reasons Why- It goes through the events after a teenage girl commits suicide and leaves notes behind for her “friends”. This show has a lot of conflict surrounding it, but I thought it was good and depicted what suicide is truly like, even though some of the scenes are extreme.

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