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Victory Royale!

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Victory Royale!

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Have you heard of the trending game Fortnite? Well if you havent, you need to go check it out! This is a battle royale style video game, meaning you drop a hundred people on a map and loot for supplies and weapons; the last person standing is the winner. Fortnite is a free-to-play shooter game compatible with all platforms. The thing that separates the game from other shooter games like Call of Duty is the building aspect of the game. Fortnite allows you to build walls, ramps, roofs and floors in your own way to make forts,which aid you in moving along in the game.

This game is played by people of all ages all over the world. You can even catch celebrities and pro athletes playing Fornite with Youtube streaming pros. The game was released last year, July 25th, but didn’t start catching buzz until October of 2017. It’s fun for everyone because you could either fight your way to number one or hide during the whole game till the end. You are given the option to buy a battle pass each season, which gives tons of things to unlock by playing the game. I definitely recommend this game to everyone because it is a really fun and easy to play game; it just takes time to get good at it. Season four’s battle pass has officially been released so act fast before it’s too late!

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