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What’s Going on in Philly?

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What’s Going on in Philly?

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Philadelphia is a major city in Pennsylvania and it has been pretty lit lately. Not too long ago, the Philadelphia Eagles (an NFL football team) won their first Super Bowl against the New England Patriots. Naturally, the fans in the city went crazy. Everyone in Philadelphia took to the streets to roam around excitedly and celebrate their city’s football team winning a well deserved Super Bowl. Thousands of people, if not millions, roamed Broad Street near Center City and many other streets of downtown Philly.

As a kid from Philly myself, I am thrilled that the city was able to come together thanks to a situation like this. It was exactly what the city needed to help brighten everyone’s spirits. Many people attended the Eagles’ parade, which closed off all of downtown Philly. The city’s celebrating did not stop either as Villanova’s Basketball team won this year’s NCAA tournament for the second time in three years. As a result, schools were canceled and Villanova fans were preparing for celebration. It’s not everyday a city has multiple sports teams win a national championship. If the 76ers were to win this year’s NBA Finals and the Flyers won the NHL Championship, the city would most likely shut down. Congratulations Philadelphia; it’s your time to shine!

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