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Thoughts that cross your mind when it snows in ‘Spring’

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Thoughts that cross your mind when it snows in ‘Spring’

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  1. Why does Mother Nature hate us all? We didn’t have enough snow days and Nor’easters this year already?? 
  2. Please don’t let the snow stick to the roads, I just got my snow tires removed.
  3. If it’s not enough to get us a snow day, then I don’t want it at all.
  4. Why are there birds chirping? I’m afraid they came back North too soon this year.
  5. Maybe if I don’t wear a heavy jacket I can trick the weather into acting like spring! 
  6. Crap, now I’m just freezing.
  7. I hope the snow on my car doesn’t freeze. I already got out of the habit of waking up an extra 20 minutes early to defrost my car.
  8. I guess I shouldn’t have switched out the sweaters in my closet for tank tops yet.
  9. I thought I chose the right place to live, a place where you get all four seasons..NOPE! I chose New England, where winter sometimes takes over 3 of the 4 seasons each year.
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