Sneakerhead Sunday: Part 2

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Sneakerhead Sunday: Part 2

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Have you ever heard of the Holi Festival? Holi Fest, also known as the “Festival of Colours”, is an Indian spring festival signifying the victory of good over evil, the arrival of spring and end of winter. This event usually takes place in the beginning of March, lasting for one day and night. For many people, Holi is another festive day to meet new people, forget and forgive, repair broken relationships, and most importantly, have fun. People throughout the country come together to celebrate, throwing handfuls of colorful chalk into the air as part of the traditional celebration. Each color has a different meaning: for example, blue for courage and India, and reds and oranges for love, weddings, and celebrations. Sounds pretty fun, right?

WELL, what if I told you musician Pharrell Williams was running with this idea for a sneaker concept? Pharrell took his signature “Human Race NMD” design by Adidas and gave them the Holi Fest treatment. Pharrell and Adidas have come out with four colorway options:

  1. A “blank canvas” colorway with an off-white and pure white base with ‘world’ stitched on the top.
  2. A black “blank canvas” sneaker with purple and white accents.
  3. A “Chalk Coral” colorway consisting of purple and pink and green tye dye (to symbolize traditional colors of the Holi Fest).
  4. A “Pink Glow” colorway dressed in pink and purple tye dye.


This was a really dope concept and resale prices are fairly low for shoes of this caliber, if you come across these – don’t miss your chance to grab them!


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