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Black Panther Movie Review

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Black Panther Movie Review

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*Warning: Spoilers Ahead!*

The Black Panther movie was one that many people were excited to see, not only because it’s a Marvel superhero movie, but because this was one of the first African-American based superhero movies. This was a big deal in the black community; I saw lots of social media posts of fans on release day dressing up in Black Panther inspired costumes, or traditional African attire. Prior to seeing the movie, I definitely didn’t expect how afrocentric it would actually be! With Black Panther making over $1 BILLION so far at the worldwide box office, it’s no wonder it lived up to its expectations!

Marvel also incorporated plenty of pop culture references in the movie. There were some funny lines like the “WHAT ARE THOSE?!” shoe joke that went viral last year, and tons of hip-hop beats and music playing throughout the course of the movie. It was really great to see African-Americans portrayed as superheroes for once- rather than criminals, goons, or the ‘sidekick’ as they are so often cast as.

The story line was very rich, there wasn’t a single part of the movie were I wasn’t completely invested into it. Honestly, I couldn’t even find a flaw in the movie whatsoever (in my opinion). I highly recommend this movie to anyone, as it definitely lived up to the hype. I give this movie a 12 out of 10 because it was the best movie I’ve seen in long time! Plus, there may even be a sequel!


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