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Poetry Contest 2nd Place Winner!

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“Unbroken by Time”

By Naomi Litwin

I knew her ere the world was changed,

When the stars gave different signs.

In the wake of myth, of legend and lore,

Our paths they did aline.

‘Twas in the night I stole her hence,

When the moon could dare not shine

And I bade her near before the dawn

Saying, “give me what is thine.”

Each hour her heart grew rife with fear,

When the sun would die in the west.

Yet, in the fated dusk I came to her,

And there our love professed.

I knew her then in another life,

When the tides would see unrest.

In midnight shadows of sea and sky,

Her heart came by bequest.

Anon in peace and then in war,

When the storms were fringed in fire.

I bathed my hands in tyrants blood

While hers were ever pure.

She kissed me beneath pennoned stars

When the ground trembled with ire.

And we spoke of bygone ages past

And a future to aspire.



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