Weighing in on school shootings

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Weighing in on school shootings

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Two months into 2018 and our country has already had 8 school shootings. It is tragic to think that places of learning have come to be so unsafe for children and teachers trying to better lives with education. According to CNN.com, the shootings that have already occured this year have happened all across the country:

  1. January 20th in Wake Forest, North Carolina – Football player killed at a party on campus
  2. January 22nd in Italy, Texas – 15 year old boy shot and wounded
  3. January 23rd in Benton, Kentucky – 15 year old shot sixteen people, killing two at local high school
  4. January 31st in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – 32 year old man killed in the parking lot of a high school
  5. February 1st in Los Angeles, California – 15 year old boy shot in the head and 15 year old girl shot in wrist (considered accidental shooting)
  6. February 5th in Oxon Hill, Maryland – student shot in parking lot of high school
  7. February 9th in Nashville, Tennessee – 14 year old shoots 17 year old student five times in parking lot of Pearl-Cohn High School
  8. February 14th in Parkland, Florida – former student kills 19 inside Marjory-Stoneman Douglas High School

No matter what side you may be on in terms of gun control and all the other arguments that arise after situations like these, we can all agree on the fact that these shootings are tragic. As college students, this of course makes us question how our society is running. What happened to the days when school shootings were not a regular occurence in our world? Why was this not such a drastic problem in past generations? Gun laws were formerly more lenient than they are now, so there has to be other issues with our society causing people to commit acts like this. We can only hope that events like this stop happening, but it seems that hope is no longer enough.

If you’d like to share your feelings about these recent events, we encourage you to email us at lookingglass@svc.edu.


All information gathered from CNN.com, image belongs to guns.com