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Your guide to a ‘stay-cation’ this Spring Break

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Spring Break is a wonderful time for students all across the country to enjoy a hint of the upcoming summer weather by going out with friends, maybe taking a bike ride around town, or even going on a trip out of state. It is a very good time to get out and enjoy what mother nature has brought us.

For most people, that sounds like a perfect spring break. But for others, it might just be a little too much. Maybe you don’t want to go out. Maybe it’s too hot or just not hot enough. This advice is  for those who take the saying ‘Home is Where the Heart Is’ a little more seriously. Here are some ways to enjoy your own stay-cation:


1) Get Online

The internet holds a lot of adventures where you can stay in the confines of your room or living room and stay occupied for hours. Go online shopping, look up some funny Youtube videos, play some addicting games, or just wander the web. Create your own path; you never know what you might find…


2) Clean your house/room

I know, I know. This might look like it’s a complete waste of time, but it might open up your creative side. You can make some interesting discoveries when you finally organize that drawer you haven’t touched since you were 12 years old. Put on some music; it makes cleaning ten-times easier and more enjoyable. I know it’s a stretch, but don’t knock it until you try it!


3) Go on a movie marathon

Would it be a stay-cation without a movie marathon? You can pull up some Netflix Originals, opt for live television or streaming episodes, or maybe even clear the dust off some old DVD’s. Rewatch your favorites, get some snacks, blankets, and get lost in other worlds while time passes by.


4) Sleep!

Probably the most cliche activity on a stay-cation, but sleep does a body good! If the stress of the semester is getting too much, catching up on your sleep can help get you back on track for the rest of the semester (at least temporarily!).


Spring Break can be a time to enjoy the warm weather and step out of your cocoon of a room, but sometimes what you really need is a few days of purposeful-cocooning. Don’t hesitate to see what this kind of re-grouping, relaxing, and recharging can do for you. Enjoy the best stay-cation you can possibly have!


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