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DIY Snow Globe

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Christmas To Do’s…

DIY Snow Globe

By Savannah Santiago

Ready in approximately 30 minutes



  • Glitter
  • A clear mason jar
  • Mini plastic christmas tree (can be found at Walmart) and any other figurines you would like to put in your globe
  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • Water


  1. Turn on your glue gun first to let the glue begin to melt.
  2. Once the glue gun is hot enough, begin to glue your figurines to the inside of the lid on mason jar. (Be mindful of the edges, you want it to be able to close tightly!)
  3. While you wait for your glue to dry, you can add your water and glitter to your mason jar. Make sure not to fill the jar completely full, leave extra room for your figurines. You can adjust the amount of water once you’ve put it all together. 
  4. If you are worried about your globe leaking, you can also add some hot glue to the corners of your lid (only do this when you are completely satisfied with your globe and aren’t planning to open it back up!)


Be mindful of the size of your figurines, make sure they are compatible with the size of the mason jar before you buy them.

Go all out on your first one, don’t be afraid to get real creative!

If it doesn’t come out as good as you would have liked, make more!


Do you have any easy Christmas DIY’s you’d like to share with us? Let us know!

Happy Holidays from The Looking Glass!

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