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Interested In Buying A Car?

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Don’t feel like reading? Here are bullets of key necessities!

  • Work on your credit score
  • Plan out a detailed budget
  • Think about the climate you’re living in… do you need 2 wheel drive or 4 wheel drive?
  • Is this your first car? Maybe start out with something that isn’t so flashy (and expensive!)
  • Shop around, get multiple options and deals don’t just settle and read the carfax!


Up for a little more details? Read below for the story of my car buying adventure…

First I searched online for used cars below $15,000 in the area. I didn’t use any calculations to get that number, I just assumed anything higher than that I couldn’t afford. Once I found the car I liked, I decided to inquire about it online. Like the well-trained business employees a company should have, they immediately called me and set up an appointment for me to go in a see the car.

Secondly, When I went to see the car I was just as in love with it as I was looking at it online. It didn’t have the parking camera I wanted, but I was willing to overlook that. I didn’t have to ask for the carfax which shows the history of the car (like prior owners and accidents) because it was already put on the table for me to see. Everything checked out and I was ready to move forward with financials.

Thirdly, based on my monthly budget I was able to determine what my monthly payment would be ideal for me. So when filling out my paperwork, I was already one step ahead. When financing, multiple banks will inquire about your credit score. The dealership usually allows you to use the one with the best deal. Prices are usually determined by your credit score and how much money you put down on the car upfront. Keep in mind when planning your budget to be sure to get an insurance quote on a few of the cars you’re interested in, to realistically plan a successful budget.

Lastly, I put money down and was approved! The best deal I was given was from Toyota. Please be aware of all the extra insurance dealerships offer you, they can be just as expensive as your monthly car payment and aren’t always necessary! So when looking to buy/finance a car; put money down, build your credit, and be aware of your needs based on climate and experience. I also recommend Josh at the Carbone Dealership of Bennington!

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