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Spook-tacular Adventures

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Halloween is right around the corner, and any lover of all things spooky has likely been watching the days dwindle down in anticipation for the holiday. I myself have been preparing all month long for the holiday- spiderweb decor in my dorm room, baby pumpkins at my desk, and even painted pumpkins with my roommate! But for me, just decorations aren’t enough! When my family came up to visit this past weekend, I took full advantage of being able to explore with them, and decided to bring them to the eery Old Bennington Cemetery.

Located next to The Old First Church, the cemetery is full of Revolutionary War Veterans, soldiers killed in The Battle of Bennington, former senators, and even Robert Frost alongside his wife and family. Throughout the cemetery are plaques for the veterans, soldiers, senators, and basically any other historically significant person to Bennington. The plaques also give a brief background on the people, which make it fun for a history buff like myself! A favorite of mine was a plaque about a woman who let soldiers sleep on her floor, and baked over 80 loaves of bread for them. Even though it may seem a little quirky, the tidbits of the history of the town made the trip that much more fun.

Now is the perfect time to explore the cemetery and other interesting parts of Bennington, (especially the creepy stuff since it’s Halloween time!). The foliage is full, and if you go towards dusk (or as I like to call it, the golden hour) the soft yellow hues from the setting sun make for the most beautiful of settings.

If you aren’t ready to go by yourself, SVC is providing transportation to the cemetery for local legends, tales, and historic spooks with some of Bennington’s oldest residents on October 29th. Be sure to check your emails to sign up, it will be well worth the trip!


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