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Fall-ing Beyond Bennington

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With the hot summer weather behind us (hopefully anyway), the fall season is here to prosper. It’s now the time to break out the flannels and big sweatshirts, curl up on the couch and watch horror movies. With fall comes all the seasonal festivities that everyone loves to take part in. If you are in the mood for a little road trip, I have the perfect destination for you!


Mad Tom’s Orchard in East Dover, Vermont is the perfect destination for a fall weekend. Located on a side road off of Route 7, aptly named Mad Tom Road, it is a small but inviting place to be. When you arrive you are greeted with a welcoming smile and the smell of warm apple cider in the building. Inside you can find apple cider donuts, syrup, pre-picked apples, and beautiful pictures taken at the orchard. There are three sizes of bags you can choose from- perfect for when you want to bake lots of apple treats, or if you just want a few to eat.


There is a large variety of trees, and the rows are arranged by apple variety, labeled to help pickers find their favorites. A gorgeous view of the mountains pulls everything together for the perfect picturesque day out. It is very family friendly, and dogs are allowed- always a plus. The apples are delicious and well worth the nice scenic drive to East Dorset. It is great if your family is coming to visit and you have run out of places in Bennington to see, like I did. Or if you just want to go and explore with your roommate!


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