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Events Board offers trip to Crossgates Mall

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On the weekend of September 23rd, SVC’s Mountaineer Events Board offered an off-campus trip to the Crossgates Mall in Albany, NY. It was right after I got paid, so I just couldn’t let this opportunity slip! I sent an email to Audrey Ames, the Coordinator for Student Engagement, to sign up myself and a friend to go. After about an hour long van ride, we made it to the mall.

Tons of stores, a food court, games, and candy stores are just some of the things I saw as soon as I walked into Crossgates. It was big enough and full of so many activities for my friends and I to do, that we didn’t even know where to begin! We decided to start with clothes, so we went into Forever 21. I ended up buying a bag and two new shirts (even though I said I’d window shop).

I realized I hadn’t been to this mall since back in my freshmen year, so it looked completely different. I ended up visiting all types of stores I’ve never been in before, like Vans! My friend Ambro wanted to check out the store to see about some sneakers, and I remembered I also needed to get some. Although I didn’t think I’d get any, I fell in love with a few of their shoes and ended up walking out with a pair that were about $70 (worth it!). Later, I went into Hot Topic for the first time also. It had some things I liked, but I didn’t buy anything since I spent a good deal already. There was a ThinkGeek store, GameStop, and even Build-A-Bear. We walked passed a place called mystery room, and would have definitely went in but we were running out of time. So I got excited for the next time I’d get to come back!

I heard from other people who went on the trip that they played with puppies, and some went to Dave and Busters. I decided to add that to my mental list of things I want to do next time I come to Crossgates. Before we left, I made sure I stopped by a store for a Jasmine Bubble Tea, and to the candy store (you can’t just walk past a candy store and not get anything!) After such a fun trip, I’m looking forward to all the other off-campus trip the college offers. Some of the upcoming trips include a haunted halloween trip, and a trip to Burlington, VT. I can’t wait to go!

If you’ve never been, you can check out all the stores at Crossgates here.


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