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Sights of SVC

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If you are anything like me, you enjoy spending time exploring outside. The campus here at Southern Vermont College is the perfect place to do this. With the myriad of trails around, there is no shortage of places to go! One of my favorite trails I have found here is the Halloween Tree Trail, which is off a trail from the mansion. A majority of the trail winds around the side of the campus, with the occasional hill. One spot has a beautiful view from the field of the Bennington Monument.

There are also some lesser known trails behind the Maintenance building that overlook expansive fields and have a beautiful view. These trails are less obvious as there is a lot of brush at the entrance but once you find them, they will be your new favorite spot. The trail is shaded, and there are small river you cross over by bridge making for a fun hike. Unlike the Halloween Tree Trail, it is much less hilly and a bit easier. These trails go on for a while so if you are looking for a long afternoon outdoors, both make for the perfect places to go.

With fall having arrived, despite the recent summer like weather, it is the perfect time to go out for a hike. Once the foliage begins to peak it will make these trails even more beautiful, and the perfect time to check them out!


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