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A Love Song Playlist Poem

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About the Author: Takiyah Douglas (Creative Writing, Class of 2018) hopes to turn her love of writing into a career one day. Her best friend is food and her favorite opera is Trapped in the Closet. She can be found locked in her room creating play scripts, short stories and, very rarely, poems.




A Love Song Playlist Poem

by Takiyah Douglas


Like a bull in a china shop, you came crashing in. Destroying, ripping, and tearing at my exterior to get Closer. Like fucking caramel Cadbury, you smoothed yourself into the Middle of my crazy chaotic life and planted your ass comfortably. Flipping my already confused feelings Upside Down with gross declarations of how much you Adore me and stating that I’m Yours. Such Clumsy arrogance I thought at first, but all that Sweet Talk struck a cord long before. I tried to Shower away my incoming emotions, run away from your all knowing eyes, and block my ears every time you said “You Belong To Me”. Unfortunately you caught me and dragged me beneath your love kicking and screaming until I realized you’re The Only Exception. You’re the last shot, the end of the line, and I Blame It all on you. I say with confidence you’re the Best I Ever Had and you better make me feel like I’m the Only Girl allowed to drive you crazy until 3005. Trust me when I say I’m ready for you to Love Me Now and As Long As I Have You, I know I’ll be Livin The Dream.



Closer – The Chainsmokers

Middle – Dj Snake ft Bipolar Sunshine

Upside Down – Ross Lynch

Adore – Cashmere Cat ft. Ariana Grande

I’m Yours – Alessia Cara

Sweet Talk – Scavenger Hunt

You Belong To Me – Tyler James Williams

The Only Exception – Paramore

Blame it (Pop Goes Punk Remix) – Mice and Men

Best I Ever Had – Drake

Only Girl – Rihanna

3005 – Childish Gambino

Love Me Now – John Legend

As Long As I Have You – Dove Cameron

Livin The Dream – Drake White


Copyright © Takiyah Douglas (2017) All Rights Reserved.

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