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The Pros and Cons of Being a Commuter

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As this semester comes to a close,  there will be incoming freshman or transfer students who are considering being a commuter. As a commuter myself, I’ve learned from my experience that there were many pros and cons that needed to be weighed before I made my final decision on a school. If you’re indecisive (like I am), weighing the negatives and positives while making your choice can make the process easier.




Saving Money: The added expenses of housing and living on your own add up. If you live at home, you’re easing the pressure of having to pay it back later.


No Distractions: Sure, not living on campus can give you a case of FOMO (fear of missing out). It also allows you to focus on your work instead of your suite mate’s trap music blasting at 2am when you have an early class the next morning. Speaking of which…


No Roommates: If you’re like me, sharing a space can be difficult. This is especially true if you like your privacy. Unless you share a room at home, you’re going to have more space to yourself and not have to worry about your roommate’s weird ‘friend’ coming over unannounced.


Now, although living at home can seem pretty awesome, of course there are some cons to being a commuter, too.




Gas Money: Depending on how far you live away from campus, the money you’ll spend on gas every week going back and forth from class can start to rack up.


Living With Parents: Point blank, sometimes Mom and Dad can cramp your style. ‘Nuff said.


The Good Ole ‘College Experience’: One of the biggest reasons people decide on a college is for what it has to offer them. This could be anywhere from clubs on campus, the surrounding downtown area, or just getting away from home and living on your own for a while. If you’re at home, you may feel as if you’re missing the sense of community and freedom you would want in a potential school.


Regardless, whether you decide to commute or not, making sure you weigh out your options before you decide on a school can be crucial to your college experience.


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