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Top Four Things To Do Over Summer Vacation

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One of the things I struggle with over summer vacation is finding things to do with my time besides staying inside my house. Like most, I work over the summer, and when I have a day off  I often stay inside when I could be doing something outside. So I’ve compiled a list of some cool things to do over summer vacation.


Number One: Go To The Beach

The first and most obvious choice is to go to the beach. The beach offers a place to swim when you want to cool off, food for when you’re hungry (but possibly not all beaches have food), and a nice place to work on that summer tan. It’s a good place to get together with friends to hang out. On most beaches there are also other things to do besides swim and tan. There are usually grassy areas to play soccer or throw a Frisbee. You could also picnic at the beach with your family. One beach I recommend is Hampton Beach in New Hampshire. It is a family friendly beach with lots of space, so you don’t have to worry about it being crowded.


Number Two: Start A Project

If you’re a pinterest fan then you know there are plenty of DIY projects that you could do in your spare time. Try something you’ve always wanted to do. Make a photo collage, transform an old tire into a cool looking seat for your living room, or more. Turn your old pants that don’t fit into a blanket. Or maybe just do some crafting.


Number Three: Do Something Spontaneous

Are there things you have always wanted to do but never had the guts to do them? Well here’s your chance. You can do things that are a risk like going out and getting a tattoo, trying that strange looking food on the corner of that street you walk by everyday, dyeing your hair a different color, get a piercing in a strange place, like a dermal piercing. If you’re feeling really wild, apply to be on the show Naked And Afraid. You can also just do things not in town like hiking that ridiculously tall mountain, or explore different areas. Take this time to do something that scares you; it could be fun. Don’t spend your days playing it safe; get out there and do something worthwhile.


Number Four: Volunteer

Know any food shelters around? Volunteer. Do a Big Brother Big Sister program. Whether you know it or not there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer. Animal shelters are good places to volunteer, too, like the Second Chance Animal Shelter in Shaftsbury, Vermont where you can walk dogs or help out for a few hours. So, if you are looking for some interesting things to do over the summer, here are some good options, and if you’re looking for more check out the links I added in as well.


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