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Student Government Association: Meet the President

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In the first club spotlight, I talked with our SGA President, Emily Bagley. She will be graduating in May, her favorite food is chocolate, and she is also involved in MEB, but to learn more about her and SGA read the rest of her interview here.


Bridget: How did you first get involved on campus at SVC?

Emily: When I came here my freshman year I knew I wanted to get involved right away so that I could meet new people and absorb the most I could from my college experience.


Bridget: What made you want to run for President of SGA?

Emily: I decided to run for SGA president so I could help better the overall student experience here on campus and bring students together.


Bridget: As President, what is it that you do / what is it like?

Emily: I plan the agenda for meetings and facilitate meeting discussions. I also work behind the scenes with faculty and staff and sit on committees. I act as the bridge between students and faculty and staff. I am responsible for relaying information to the club as it comes up and we discuss new ideas for the campus. Members are responsible for overseeing a campus club or organization which allows for SGA to help with any needs or funding. Each member on SGA has a vital role and together as a team we work to better the campus. I am also sometimes asked to give speeches at events or represent the student body. It is sometimes stressful because I do a lot of behind the scenes work, but it is worth it when I get to see a new idea come together and see that the students are happy with it.


Bridget: What have you done or want to do for SVC?

Emily: This year I have worked on making SGA more visible on campus by sponsoring programs. Myself and the other members of SGA have also worked on a new election process for SGA, which will be in place for the upcoming election. I also do my best to hear the student voice and relay anything that comes along to student life staff. A goal that I have had for a while is to re-vamp the moose lounge to make it more student friendly, this would include another tv with a gaming system.


Bridget: What is your favorite thing about SVC?

Emily: My favorite thing about SVC is how small and friendly it is. I love that I can talk to my professors one on one. The campus is not overwhelming, and I have met some wonderful people during my time here.


Bridget: What is your favorite part about being President of SGA?

Emily: My favorite part about being SGA president is interacting with students and faculty and staff. I really enjoy advocating for my peers as well as learning new things from faculty and staff. I also love working with the members of SGA because of how diverse the group is. Each one of us brings something to the table, and everyone thinks differently, so there is always a new insight or idea among the group.


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