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You Should Probably Watch The Sopranos

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I get it. Really, I do. There is a lot of good television shows to watch these days. With TV series you get a long time to digest a story, the characters, and the setting. So why not experience the escapism of being a Mafia Boss in New Jersey for a few seasons?

According to imdb, the plot of The Sopranos is described as such : “New Jersey mob boss, Tony Soprano, deals with personal and professional issues in his home and business life.” Officially speaking, the main character Tony Soprano is in waste management. The waste comes in many different forms – bodies, drugs, sex-trafficking, strip-clubs, gambling rackets, and so on. But underneath the surface of Tony Soprano’s work is a much more interesting drama.

Much of the series concerns itself with Tony’s relationships. These relationships with his wife, goomahs, children, extended family (who may or may not be in legal troubles) and those that “work” for him – in whatever capacity that may be – are all focuses of The Sopranos. However, the most important relationship throughout the series is, interestingly enough, between Tony and his therapist, Dr. Melfi.

Like other crime dramas, The Sopranos does an excellent job of examining the psychology of criminals through their relationships, in particular the relationship with Dr. Melfi. Tony is obsessed with doing the right thing in a lifestyle focused on doing the wrong things. Tony is also very concerned with what other people think or see of him, and in turn struggles with his relationships due to issues dating back to his childhood. Which makes us question, are sociopaths like Tony Soprano capable of having stable lives and relationships?

Of course, as the viewer, you should also ask yourself what you are really watching The Sopranos for. Is it because you enjoy seeing violence [this is not unusual; even the most learned people of old times enjoyed Gladiator contests]? Do you wish to see how the “other side” lives? Do you question morality and society’s version of justice? If your motivations for watching crime dramas stem from any of these ponderings, then The Sopranos is one classic you will not want to hold off watching any longer.


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