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Two Blue Lines

(Warning: Explicit Content)

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Two Blue Lines

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About the Author:

Takiyah Douglas (Creative Writing, Class of 2018) hopes to turn her love of writing into a career one day. Her best friend is food and her favorite opera is Trapped in the Closet.  She can be found locked in her room creating play scripts, short stories and, very rarely, poems.

WARNING: This piece contains explicit content (profanity) and may not be appropriate for all audiences.


Two Blue Lines

by Takiyah Douglas

Becky: (Screams) Mom!



(Two figures exit a brick building and head towards the parking lot. They get into a 2003 Volvo and drive off.)

Jay: That assembly was just a waste of time for us all today.

Becky: I agree. That guest speaker went on and on. Pretty boring if you ask me.


Jay: So…Are you okay with going back to my place?

Becky: (Nods) Yeah.

Jay: (Pause) Cool.

They arrive to Jay’s house and get out of the car. Jay takes Becky by the hand and leads her through the front door.

Becky: (Looks around) I like your home Mr. Chairman. It’s-

Jay: Please. We aren’t in school Becky. Plus. (Pause) It’s a bit…

Becky: Oh yeah. Totally. Sorry.

(Awkward silence)

Jay: You looked really cute in that skirt the other day. I really wanted to give you a detention. (Moves closer to Becky)

Becky: (Nervously) Ha ha. I see.

Jay: (Strokes Becky’s hair) I love you.

Becky: (Mumbles) I love you too.

Jay starts kissing Becky gently before things move towards a steamy makeout session. A small noise is heard behind them and they both turn around.

Jay: Janet!

Becky: Mom?!

Janet: Becky!

Jay: Mom?!

Janet: What the hell is this sick shit?! (Crying) What the fuck?! I’m calling the police!

Becky: No! I love him!

Janet: (Slaps Becky) Shut your mouth! I don’t want to hear a word from you!

Jay: Baby, I can explain!

Janet: No you can’t you fucking scumbag! You were about to fuck a child! My daughter at that!

Jay: But Janet- (Moves forward and steps on something) Jay bends down and picks up the object in front of him. His eyes widen.

Janet: I can’t believe you Jay! (Sobs) My own daughter!

Becky: Mom! He really loves me though! Please understand!

Janet: No Becky! I don’t even think I can love you, my daughter, anymore! (Runs out the door and into the street)

Becky: Mom!


Both Jay and Becky bolt out the house, the slim white object forgotten on the floor. Two blue lines, faint at first, start appearing on the stick.



Copyright © Takiyah Douglas (2016) All Rights Reserved.

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