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Musical Hallucinations

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About the Author:

Takiyah Douglas (Creative Writing, Class of 2018) hopes to turn her love of writing into a career one day. Her best friend is food and her favorite opera is Trapped in the Closet.  She can be found locked in her room creating play scripts, short stories and, very rarely, poems.


Musical Hallucinations

by Takiyah Douglas


I love how you make my body feel. When the drums bang alongside my heartbeat, when the bass thumps inside my ears, when these shivers run throughout my being, I can finally say I’m alive. I’m living and the proof is there when my feet leap across the hard wooden floors where I can see my reflection screaming, “I’m finally alive.” My arms reach high into the astral plane, making the rest of me step from this reality and into another, the one that music created for me.


Like the gentle caress of a thick blanket straight out of the dryer, I’m comforted. I’m safe and wrapped up in your protective warmth that shields me from everything else. Even if it is only for three minutes, it is enough for me to appreciate the shelter your embrace provides. I can hide out for a while without the excess weight bearing down from above. This solid shadow isn’t what it seems and because of it’s use, it’s advantageous to me, covering all so nothing can see.


How can something that isn’t a physical object or person feel like a best friend to me? Maybe it’s the discussions we have through lyrics. Words of meaning pass between ourselves, striving for the world to hear the messages of importance. We relate. We express the emotions of pain, happiness, anger, and betrayal. Like two people who have spoken throughout the years, we share each other’s experiences. My savior, my inspiration, my one and true love.


Copyright © Takiyah Douglas (2016) All Rights Reserved.

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