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Think of What You Love This Winter Season!

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Think of What You Love This Winter Season!

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About the Author: Cierra Mincher (Creative Writing, Class of 2017) writes all the time when inspiration takes hold, which could be found anywhere and everywhere. She writes short stories, poems, and creative fiction from observances of everyday life.  She is currently enrolled in SVC’s Shires Press Publishing Program to publish her first book through the Northshire Bookstore in May of 2017. She is hoping to continue on this path of writing and become a famous author someday.



Winter Storm

Cierra Mincher


The beautiful colors of the leaves

Falling, falling, off the trees.

Autumn is over, winter is new

Sheets of white, skies of blue.


Bundle up, try to keep warm

We sit and wait for that winter storm.

Flurries of ice flying around

Up in the air before hitting the ground.


Find a snowflake on your nose

Feel the cold all the way down to your toes.

Watch it fall like a white cascade

Wonder where it came from and how it was made.


Drive real slow on the icy road

Don’t push and rush when it has snowed.

Get to the house and park in the drive

Be happy you made home it alive.


Watch out the window, sitting on the pane

Let the atmosphere calm your brain.

Drink some cocoa in a nice warm mug

It wraps around your body like a loving hug.


Wrapped up in a blanket, by the fire

Think of all you love and admire.

Spend your days with family and friends

‘Cause you never know when it all ends.


Copyright © Cierra Mincher (2016) All Rights Reserved.

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