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A Day in the Life of a College Student

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A Day in the Life of a College Student

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Do you know a college student? Try taking a look at how their day usually goes. Between classes, eating, homework and having a social life, it’s amazing these students make it through to graduation without losing their mind (and driving their families crazy).

About the Author: Cierra Mincher (Creative Writing, Class of 2017) writes all the time when inspiration takes hold, which could be found anywhere and everywhere. She writes short stories, poems, and creative fiction from observances of everyday life.  She is currently enrolled in SVC’s Shires Press Publishing Program to publish her first book through the Northshire Bookstore in May of 2017. She is hoping to continue on this path of writing and become a famous author someday. Along with her love for writing, Cierra is a lover of animals and hopes to someday become a Humane Officer and work in animal rescue.



Typical Day

Cierra Mincher


Just woke up, what’s first?

Need to feed this thirst.


Eyes are open so what do I do now?

Let’s run to the bathroom somehow.


Bring a towel and get a nice hot shower

Wash up real well and you might just smell like a flower.


Now get dressed to feel real good

Perhaps it’s the matter of a sweater with a hood.


Grab some keys and run real fast

You’re going to be late for class!


Don’t forget to eat throughout the day

Nobody wants an angry bear coming their way.


So now what’s next?

I’ve got a text.


Do your homework and get it done

‘Cause then you’ll have more time for fun.


I’m so tired, I need some sleep

Some nourishment for my body to keep.


So now, I’m going to lay down my head,

Goodnight, goodnight, I’m going to bed.


Copyright © Cierra Mincher (2016) All Rights Reserved.

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