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Trump-f: A Found Poem

(Warning: Explicit Content)

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Trump-f: A Found Poem

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Hashtag “Make America Great Again”

About the Author:

Judd Ike Eichorst (English, Class of 2017) writes for The Looking Glass’ Entertainment section, mostly doing film reviews and collaborative work with the Trailer Talk Podcast.  Ike hopes to work in higher education after graduation and attend graduate school in the future.


Warning:  This piece contains explicit content (swearing) and may not be suitable for all audiences.



Trump-f: A found poem

by Judd Ike Eichorst




Is a jerk. Immature. Rude.

And Annoying. And Terrible.

I utter “fuck you” … I don’t know why.


Take off hat, it gets in the way.

I know you want to feel edgy and cool

but he might actually win the republican primaries.

Go on Amazon

Buy Make America Great Again hats.


You’re kinda fucked…

You gotta um…

Make some shit up…

Sit in my basement and write letters to a bunch of people I don’t know

About how the ultimate greedy evil must be eradicated.

A bunch of dirty cockroaches.


Curse my audience? You know who my audience is.

You know who my fucking audience is? You fucking Piece. Of. Shit.

Yeah, I’m the piece of shit.

Should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. And…

They could kill me, but I don’t have to worry about them.


Alright alright… I’ve never been called stupid before.

I consider myself… Am I full of myself?

A Highly intelligent CREATURE. You got me there.

Maaaaybe it’s best you don’t say anything…

You got me there. I really don’t know what to say.

Take off hat.


Hitler had only one testicle,

And a likely penis deformity;

Thus making him nothing

Like Trump-f.


Copyright © Judd Ike Eichorst 2016 All Rights Reserved.


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