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Cheap Travel Accommodations

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How nice would it be if traveling could be cheaper?

Being a college student can be expensive. A lot of student’s funds go to tuition, housing, and books. It can definitely become stressful when making plans to go on a journey. One has to think about the prices of traveling, accommodations, and entertainment. One way to save a lot more money is through a membership with Hostelling International. Members receive discounts on hostels, trips, and reduced admission prices for museums.

Here is a list below of some affordable options and links to potential places for students to explore:


San Juan, Puerto Rico

Flights: Round Trip

American Eagle~$228

United Express~$230



Dreams Hotel Puerto Rico~$54 Starting rate (Booked with Tripadvisor)

Hotel Iberia~$90 Starting rate (Booked with Travelocity)


Something To Do:

(Pine Beach Yoga Class~$17) All equipment already comes included and all that is left to do is relax.


For more information on San Juan go to:


Cartagena, Columbia

Flights: Round Trip




Hotel Stil Cartagena~$30 Starting rate (Booked with Tripadvisor)

Hotel Pueblito Playa~$32 Starting rate (Booked with Tripadvisor)

Hotel Villa Colonial~$43 Starting rate (Booked with Tripadvisor)


Something To Do:

(Waveflow Club House~$28) This place offers sushi, yoga, and an indoor surfing simulator.


For more information on Cartagena, go to:


S. Virgin Islands

Flights: Round Trip

United Express~$373



Hotel On The Cay~$91 Starting rate (Booked with Tripadvisor)

Company House Hotel~$92 Starting rate (Booked with


Something To Do:

(Snorkel Gear Rental in St Thomas~$10) For so little, tourists can rent snorkeling gear and explore the marine wildlife in St Thomas.

For more information on the U.S. Virgin Islands, go to:


Quito, Ecuador

Flights: Round Trip

Delta Connection~$555



Hotel Interamericano~$19 Starting rate (Booked with Tripadvisor)

Yellow House Hotel~$30 Starting rate (Booked with Tripadvisor)

Hotel La Cartuja~$47 Starting rate (Booked with Tripadvisor)

Something To Do:

(Capilla del Hombre and Guayasamin’s Museum~$8) Take a tour and learn about the artist Oswaldo Guayasamín. The tour takes you through the museum dedicated to his art and his home.


For more information on Quito, go to:


Montego Bay, Jamaica

Flights: Round Trip

American Eagle~$329

Delta Connection~343



Bethel Court Guest House~$36 Starting rate (Booked with Travelocity)

Palm View Guest House & Conference Center~$57 Starting rate (Booked with Expedia)

Chateau Margarite~$84 Starting rate (Booked with Travelocity)


Something To Do:

(Negril Sightseeing Tour~$16) On this tour, you can browse the local shops or enjoy seven miles of white sand beaches.


For more information on Montego Bay, go to:

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