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London is Worth the Trip

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“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.” – Samuel Johnson

Traveling is a worthwhile investment and even though I haven’t traveled very far yet, I do aspire too. Going to unfamiliar places opens your eyes, helps you learn more about yourself, gives you perspective, and  broadens your horizons. Over the years I believe one will look back and thank themselves for taking the time out to live their life experiencing other cultures around the world.

According to the U.S. News and World Report London is the number one travel destination out of twenty-five must-visit places. They mention when in London, you should make time for tea, prepare for rainy days, and to be cautious of tipsy (slightly drunk) people. You should also be aware of the English slang! In example, to snog is to kiss, a fag is a cigarette, and the loo is the restroom.

Ten reasons to visit London:

1 – Big Ben (bell in the clock tower at the end of the House of Parliament)

Big Ben was casted on April 10th, 1858, the Great clock began to work on May 31st, 1859 and first chimed the hour on July 11th, 1859. As of today the Big Ben is 151 years old and is a famous landmark. It is made out of tin and copper, plus pieces of the old Big Ben (which was broken up after it cracked). If you get a chance to stand in the belfry when it rings, you will feel the vibrations from your head to your toes!

london 2

2 – Buckingham Palace (home of the Queen)

3 – Walks down the London streets

4 – Windsor Castle

5 – Tower Bridge (most famous)

London is Worth the Trip

6 – Tower of London (historic castle)

7 – London Eye (go for a ride)

The London Eye is located on the South Bank of the Thames in Lambeth right across from Westminster. When you are 394 feet high you can see twenty five miles in any direction from the Eye’s capsules. If you ever want to be very fancy you can reserve a private VIP capsule that will give you early boarding and a chance to have a flute of champagne while you fly with the London Eye.

London is Worth the Trip 1

8 – River Cruises

9 – Sporting Events

10 – Shopping (until you drop?)

Falling in love with London and what it has to offer is not hard – all it takes is you deciding to travel there and you packing up your bags to take the adventure!

If you would like more reasons on why to love London just go HERE!

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